What Predator Predlocs Are All About

After an incident in 1999 I was no longer able to play paintball at a competive level. I became a certified referee in a effort to stay close to this fantastic sport. However the same reason that stopped me from competing remained. I had to come up with a solution. I invented a device that would prevent paintball strikes from reaching my skin. I’m happy to say it worked very well. What surprised me however was that the younger players would think that this device was “cool”. It has become a fashion statement as well as a protective device. What a surprise! After 5 years of trials in the field and feedback from players I have finally created a great product that is extremely effective and is “cool” as well.

Predator Predlocs provide a un-rivaled area of protection. Offering up to 8 layers of padded protection for the head and a 4 layer shield for the neck. I have spent all this time trying to produce a product that not only does what I needed it for but also that looks good as well. The 3rd thing that was a must for me was endurance. Predlocs are triple stitched just for that reason. No un-raveling or falling apart after a month of use. I have never done anything half way and I was not about to start now. I am proud to say that Predator Predlocs are something I thought of and now manufacture.

Predator Predlocs protective headgear is designed to absorb the foreward energy of a paintball. This greatly helps prevent direct strikes to the skin around the head and neck. A built in “Sandana like” area consisting of a total of 4 layers for the forehead, the top of the head, and the neck. There are also 6-8 layers of coverage for the ears and the very back of the head, that spot that makes you see stars when you get hit there. That spot on the Predlocs unit is well protected. The Predator Predlocs are a well designed device for the sport. I depend on them to work every time I take the field. It has taken a while to get this far but I have learned a great deal and will not take as long for the next product. The testing and research is already happening. Check back with us often!