How Predator Predlocs Work

An all in one device which when worn correctly offers the best protection on the market today for the head, ear, and neck. It will protect the head and neck areas very well even during a close quarter gun battle. Predator Predlocs are a completely unique approach to the problem. Predator Predlocs work, just ask someone who wears them. You will never need anything else to protect the head and neck areas. It works very well for younger players as well.

Predlocs can be made to order with colors of your team, football colors, school colors, camo, or any combination you request. They are custom made by hand. I spent 5 years with a lot of trial and error before I achieved a protective device that not only does the job completely but it also looks cool. I have to wear this device at all times when on the field. If you hate “third eyes”, bloody welts, or just taking a paintball strikes in the neck area then this is protective device that does the job completely.

The Predator Predloc unit only weighs 1 pound but provides maximum protective performance. It can be custom made to order. It is triple stitched for long term use. The unit can be washed in a washing machine on the delicate cycle in cold water but I have found that when washed in a washing machine they tend to collect lint. I recommend hand washing them with cold water and the soap of your choice. I have had to use hand soap when at a event and was not able to find laundry soap. It works well and hand washing keeps the units looking new.

The Predlocs are available with 4 or 5 color combinations per unit. We currently offer over 25 different colors to choose from. Predlocs are made with 4 panels of cloth. They incorporate a “sandana ” like area for the forehead area providing 4 layers of padding with a 1″ elastic band sewn into this area for comfort and stability. When worn correctly they provide an 8 layer area that covers the ears and the back of the head. The neck and the top of the head are protected with a 4 layer shield. This device is worn under the mask for maximum comfort and a un-obstructed view. The mask strap provides another level of stability for the unit. Unlike any other protective device on the market, Predlocs provide maximum protection and is extremely lightweight.

I am proud to say that this device works. I could not take the field without them. The best thing is that we can provide these units in different sizes which allows the younger players to take advantage of this level of protection. It helps them to enjoy the game more without fear of painful injuries. The young players are the future of this sport. I for one want to see this sport continue its current growth. I feel that this device can help not only the young up and coming players, but existing players as well.