Predator Predlocs Protective Headgear

Predator Predlocs Protective Headgear boasts 25 colors: red, white, blue, brown, orange, yellow, neon green, green shades (Forrest, Kelly, OD), and that’s just to name a few.


***Please allow at least 2 weeks production time from the time your order was placed**


What is the difference between the models?


Original Predlocs

The original models offer the maximum protection for the upper body from the collar bones up by using a heavy gauge felt .They provide 6 layers of padding for the forehead that wraps around the head much like a sandana. There is a four layer shield that covers the neck, 4 layers for the top of the head. The original models were designed/built for maximum protection using the heavy gauge cloth that comes in so many different colors. Predlocs are constructed by layering cloth, every model incorporates the 4 layer system. This gives the customer the ability to pick as many as four different colors for one unit of the heavy gauge cloth.


Predloc Light

It took a little over two years to find a cloth that could stand up to the beatings dished out by a paintball traveling at 280-300 FPS or 170 – 200 mph and provides better ventilation along with protection. We found a cloth called mossy oak breakup that could do the job and started testing. In the end the light models came into the light using 2 layers of the mossy oak cloth with 2 layers of woodland colors cloth. Doing this did several things with a couple of surprise benefits. The light model provides the customization aspects that people liked about the original models with a small difference – only 2 choices of colors with these models can be dictated by the customers. ie: mossy oak,black,mossy oak,tan or mossy oak, dark choc. Brown, mossy oak, rusty brown.

This model also has the outstanding visual effects like the original models but is 3.4 ounces lighter in weight. The surprise was that the light model, while having increased ventilation, provides excellent protection despite the infusion of the light weight super tough cloth called mossy oak. The single difference between models is the addition of this super cloth, mossy oak, but the design of this device, as in all models, promotes protection naturally so the use of a thinner/lighter cloth made less of a difference than expected in the protection category . The light models do so well that we went one more step towards light weight protection which we consider the second surprise benefit…


Predloc Ultra Light 

The Mossy Oak Ultra Light model hit the market and has not stopped moving ever since the release in 2013. The ultra light uses 3 layers of the super cloth mossy oak and one layer of black felt. Same construction as the original models, using the layering system. Once again the only difference between the ultra light and the original models came down to the cloth used, the construction methods remained consistent for all models because of the effectiveness of that system.



What David has to say?

“Over the years I have seen people order different models for different events. Because the mossy oak cloth was so hard to find it has limited my customers to camo units and there are some paintball players who like color – loud colors, funny colors or just a design that is different to wear on that day they are feeling wild and crazy. The benefit of the original models is there are so many different colors – I carry 25 colors in stock and there are several more colors still available in the felt cloth. The same can not be said for the light and ultra light models. The mossy oak light models allow some customization however their main purpose was to increase the ventilation while delivering great camo and protection for the head and neck regions, both goals were obtained then surpassed with the final prototype prior to release/production in 2013. I wear the maximum protection units while on the field reffing but switch to the ultra light model when playing scenario ball. I might add that I have a original model unit that incorporates woodland colors for a maximum protection camo model for those that really hate head and neck shots like me. In the end, this product is a custom made product. I take pride in saying that I will build it like you want it. This will always be this way because I believe that in this day and age attention to quality and craftsmanship along with good customer service goes a long way to being successful.”




Sizing chart

sizing chart